A Bouquet to Fall in Love With


Photo Credit – Amber Davis Photography

Quickly into the wedding planning process my husband and I realized just how quickly the costs can rack up. You can keep a fairly good grip on this by budgeting right out of the gate, but there will still be a few things here and there that take a pretty solid jab at your wallet. Flowers were no exception to this conundrum…

I walked in to a local florist’s shop one afternoon and decided to ask for a quote. There was a $150 minimum on a bridal bouquet.. and that was for the cheap flowers… now imagine my face after asking for the cost of all white calla lilies. $225 for a handful of flowers that would inevitably die before I returned from my honeymoon sounded like a pretty terrible shakedown. For a whole set of corsages, boutineers, bouquets, and a bridal bouquet, I was going to be spending $500 on flowers I didn’t even like. Something had to be done.

The internet is a wonderful thing… and so is hobby lobby. We started out just making some corsages and boutineers out of the higher quality fake orchids, then I went digging around looking for ideas for my bouquet on Etsy. That’s when I found THIS: http://www.jewelboxballerina.com/wedding-bouquet-fabric-flower-tutorial. The husbeast and I spent $20 on the pattern, another $50 on the supplies, and a grand total of a week, a few hours a night, working on this beautiful bouquet for our wedding that we can keep forever.

A few tips:

  1.  It’s customizable. Sure.. I followed her colors to the T, but that doesn’t mean you have to.
  2. Keep in mind that it’s nice to have some stronger hands to deal with bending the florist wire if you’re going to be using the heavy duty stuff.
  3. If you can help it, don’t buy the florist tape you have to stretch out to make stick… you’ll save yourself some time and frustration.
  4. Have fun finding those millinery stamens and beads… they’re sneaky little creatures that hide from craft stores. I found mine in the WEDDING (not floral) department at Hobby Lobby.
  5. Other than mentioned above, stay away from the “wedding” areas of craft stores.. it’s the same stuff.. just marked up because of the label.

Overall, it made for a fun project. We saved a lot of cash and had so much fun working on it together.

Pattern Credits: http://www.jewelboxballerina.com/

Photo Credits: http://amberdavisphotography.com/


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