Wedding Invitation Christmas Ornament


This is one of the simplest and most adorable gift ideas I’ve stumbled across in a long time. I found the idea for this wedding invitation ornament while surfing pinterest and KNEW I had to make one for my new sister-in-law. We found the ornaments at Hobby lobby, and the jewelry pieces (minus the starfish, which was already on the invitation) at JoAnne’s. I love the little glimpses of the special details peeking through. Every time you turn the ornament you can see different lines of what was included on the invitation.

You will need:

  • 1 wedding invitation
  • (Optional) Stock paper in the wedding colors if the invitation did not have colored paper
  • 1 Glass Christmas Ornament (Comes in a 4 pack at Hobby Lobby for $7.99)
  • Scissors
  • Skinny pen to wrap the paper around
  • Ribbon to match the color you want to “pop” in the ornament (ivory or black if no color used)
  • (Optional) Charms – to match the theme or a letter for a monogram, jump rings, chain, pliers
  • (OR Optional) Paint pen for a letter monogram

Here’s the before shot:


Basically, all I did was carefully separate the paper in the invitation, remove the charm from the ribbon, and cut the invitation into strips, making sure you can read all of the important details. The original instructions called to curl the paper around a pen. I found this paper to be a little more resistant, so I used a much skinnier eyeliner pencil. Afterwards, the paper was only somewhat curled, but it had a good start, so i curled it again with my fingers and applied a little bit of pressure just to crease enough to encourage the curls to stay. We matched the ribbon from the top of the invite with a skinnier ribbon to use as a hanger, and viola! Strategically drop the curled paper into the disassembled glass ornament and add charms or decorations of your choosing. This makes the perfect personal gift for newlyweds… it wont be my last. This ornament looks classy, even in only one color of paper.


  1. Cut the paper into strips – Leaving all details visible. Use the entire invitation if you aren’t using additional paper, only use the strips with the details if you’re adding color.
  2. Wrap the paper around a skinny pen (i used an eyeliner pen to get a tighter coil due to the strength of the paper) to coil the paper
  3. Use the curl created from the pen as a starting point, use your fingers to continue curling and squeeze the paper (GENTLY) to set the curls
  4. Drop the paper into the ornament. If adding color, alternate the order in which you place the paper in to get an even mix of color.
  5. If adding charms – use the jump rings to attach charms to a chain/OR Monogram the ornament
  6. Add ribbon for the hanger
  7. Give to someone you love 🙂


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