Salted Brownie Rolo Cookies

   Not too long ago, I was given a book called “How to Win Friends and Influence People”. A friend of mine was attempting to help me find some answers with coping with the differences in my own personality and corporate life. Needless to say, through all of the self-help “blah blah blah”, this recipe would’ve made for a decent starting point if listed somewhere in the first chapter.

My husband had a pot luck lunch at work with his training group and begged me to make these cookies. I teased him about getting a head start on his networking. These cookies are amazing. They taste like brownies with Rolos, but in cookie form. I found the recipe HERE:… it came up on a friend’s newsfeed on facebook and I knew my caramel-loving husband would adore them.

I’m not going to re-type the recipe and pretend like it’s mine, because it’s not. I will give a few helpful tips.

  • Do NOT use the mini Rolos, I attempted with the mini ones and the caramel to chocolate ratio is too low.
  • If using a mixer (Like my Kitchen-Aid), let the batter sit up to thicken before putting directly on the cookie sheet and into the oven. The batter will be runny and will not spoon out as well if its freshly mixed by machine. The cookies will be flatter and crispier that way.
  • For a saltier cookie, put the salt on top of the cookies BEFORE putting them in the oven, otherwise the salt gets pretty much everywhere BUT the cookies.

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