Baby Shower Scramble


Umbilical Cord Hat – Stitch N’ Bitch: The Knitters Handbook


Two nights ago I decided to make a baby shower gift and skip the registry… making a baby shower gift when you work in an office with 2000 other people is like playing Russian Roulette. You never know how people are going to react. A lot of people get really excited about hand knit gifts. Some people look down and say, “oh wow, that’s… cute..”(moving on.. OMG this factory made monkey is ADORABLE!!!), others immediately want to employ you to make other baby gifts for other people you don’t know.. which IMHO, really kills the personal aspect to it.

You also never know how big or small that baby is going to come out.. so sizing is always in question. My personal philosophy: make the size for two to three months old. It will fit eventually.. and will certainly last a little longer than newborn sizes. Timing is always in question, as well as materials. My personal favorite thing to make is toys, but they’re not overly washable and most parents aren’t going to put them on a shelf away from spitup and drool until they stop. Always pick soft, washable, yarns for baby gifts.. never make blankets with big holes for those little fingers to get caught in. (Not to mention, a knit blanket will take you forever…)

I dug through a couple of books and found this ADORABLE hat in the original “Stitch N’ Bitch” book. I’m totally in love with the colors and only used about 1/4 skein of each color in Cascade Bulky Superwash (blue) and Blue Sky Organic Cotton (natural, not white). The gift is for a fellow Colt’s fan.. hoping she will love it too. 😀

The hat is knit in the round… I used magic loop and skipped the double pointed needles at the top, and it only took a few hours over the course of two nights. Super cute, super quick, and super warm for baby’s first winter.


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