Sweater Curse, Broken!

Anyone who knits knows about the dreaded “Sweater Curse”.. the whole “you can’t knit something for your boyfriend before you’re married or it jinxes the relationship”. I suppose it ended up being true for me because every man I ever knit anything for prior to being married didn’t work out.. and Steven didn’t get anything knitted from me until after we were married. Superstitions aside, I don’t know how I have anyone in my life that I’ve known for ten years that didn’t have a handmade gift from me yet, but hey.. maybe it’s a sign. Haha!

Steven picked out a pattern called “Turn a Square” by Jesse Flood as well as his own yarn. He had begged me for a hat last year, but we were so busy planning the wedding that I really didn’t have time. I was tired, frustrated, and focused on dresses, hairpieces, and my bouquet. The pattern is simple, and looks really masculine with the square decreases in the shaping at the top. I have a serious love affair with alpaca yarn, so his choice to go with Eco Alpaca was a good one. For someone who’s just learning the basics of knitting, he has good taste. I’m not a fan of the mixed color.. but he loves it, and I LOVE knitting with alpaca. Plus, alpaca holds up very well and even a thin layer of it will keep the tops of his ears VERY toasty.


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