Exterior painting.. not for wimps.

We’ve been meaning to repaint our exterior wood for a while now. Go figure, we put it off until possibly one of the last weekends we’ve got left before the weather gets too cold. It was a hot mess before we started… The paint was peeling, the wood was weathered, and a nice thin layer of mildew had built up on top. We did the pillars out front last weekend, but the doors in the back have presented a much bigger challenge. It’s BARELY warm enough to paint today, and my little fingers are tired knitting all weekend.

If you’re willing to do it yourself, painting is one of the quickest and cheapest ways to up your curb appeal. We’re considering sticking a “For Sale” sign in the front yard soon, and any little bit to pad that appraisal number helps. In this economy, nobody can afford to take a ding over something you can fix with $50 and a few hours. I picked up some Valspar paint in standard white exterior paint, semigloss, at Lowe’s. One quart did two 10′ pillars and the two back doors and framing. I’m glad we didn’t cheap out.. it seems to have done REALLY well on coverage after two coats. We sanded down the wood and taped off the edges, used an old sock to wipe all of the dust off, and painted two coats (with drying time between). After the paint was completely dry, we added clear coat in spray paint form (hence the paper bags over the glass). It’s AMAZING what a difference it made to the look of the house. Small details like that can tip off buyers by sending a message that a house has been well maintained.

Next on the list, pressure washing and ceiling painting… both of which we’re going to need help with.


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