Owl Coffee Cup Cozie.. keeps your fingers happy.

I’m really starting to think I should invest in making a light box to take photos of my hand knits.. taking snapshots (cell phone or regular digital) of knitted items is hard.. you don’t really get the details that you would in a light box, so your knits don’t look as impressive. This cozie is the perfect example. I wish it looked as cute in the photo as it does in person.

I was looking on Ravelry the other night for a dinosaur for my nephew and somehow stumbled across this amazingly adorable pattern. (How I made it from dinosaur to owl.. I’m not sure) The pattern I fell in love with for the dinosaur will have to wait for payday, so I figured this quick little project could serve as a stashbuster and something to throw together just because I wanted to. I used some scrap yarn (probably acrylic) that I had hanging out in my stash and got ten buttons for the eyes at JoAnne’s for $1.70.

As the original pattern writer said in her own blog, these are quick projects that would make for easy stocking stuffers. The project requires very little yarn and can be put together in a couple of hours if you sit down and knock it out. The cableing in the pattern creates the shape of the owl (no worries, she’s great at explaining the how-to’s) and the rest it done with ten “eyes”and a contrasting yarn for the nose. I love the fact that it’s written out instead of charted.. I hate charts with a passion. Another really cool pattern that uses cables that aren’t quite your typical itchy wool, old school, granny sweater cables, check out this Star Crossed Slouchy Beret. I never thought I’d like cables until I saw them thrown into more modern designs. ❤


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