Toss those double-pointed needles: Magic Loop Tutorial

I picked up this trick while knitting with some friends in a local yarn shop a couple of years ago and I use it on a regular basis. I’ve never cared for double pointed needles, and everything (round) looks much better if knit in the round instead of knit flat and seamed. Seams can get messy, even when done carefully.. and knitting in the round allows for more even stitches. Magic loop allows for knitting in the round without the use of double-pointed needles or multiple lengths of circular needles.

Start with a very LONG set of circular needles. These are Addi Turbo’s.

If you have an interchangeable needle set, use a connector piece to attach your two longest cords, OR you can buy “blanket cords” (extra long) for the Addi Turbo and the Denise sets.

Cast on the appropriate number of stitches, I casted on 30.

Scoot your stitches down the flexible part of the cord, put your finger in between the halfway point, and pull the length of your cord loop between the halfway point. Scoot the stitches back up to the ends of both needles. Work out any kinks or twists.


Pull the first stitch on your back needle to the front. Then, pull the loose stitch to the back. Tighten up your loops from the tail and your leading yarn.

If the math is easier for the pattern, you can split the sections into three just as easily. I’ve found that it does create pulling between the edges, especially before you get a few rows in, leaving uneven stitches between the sections. You can compensate by knitting tighter around the turns until you get a few rows done.

Now you’re ready to start. Pull your back needle to the right, situating your back row completely on your cord. Leave your loop on the left. Create a loop on the right by leaving excess cord. Use the back needle in your right hand to start knitting as if its an empty straight needle. At the end of your half row, flip and repeat.


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