The Zombie Killer Slouch

Just in time for Halloween, I knitted a mock-up/knock off of Little Rock’s slouch hat. This hat is very basic and knits up fairly quickly. A friend of mine and I traded skills. She wanted a knit slouch hat, and she’ll be making me a tiny crochet dragon. Seems like a fair trade to me. 🙂

She picked out the slouch on Ravelry, linked to THIS blog with the free pattern.

One of the coolest things about knitting is being able to replicate articles of clothing/blankets/ect yourself. One of my favorite mockups is Bella’s Mittens (from Twilight).. AND this much cheaper Banana Republic hat.

The Zombie Killer Slouch that I made was knit with Lion Brand Wool-Ease Chunky. It definitely gets the job done. Its a super warm and thick yarn.. certainly heavy duty. It’s a tiny bit stiff.. I’m thinking if I made one for myself I’d make it in a chunky alpaca instead. Knit up, block using a kitchen plate, and you’re set. Here’s the finished product:



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