Lovely Little Baby Scarf

I’m not going to lie, my week has been rough. I’ve not exactly been in the blogging mode. Monday morning, a childhood friend of mine passed away. Tuesday, I received some news at work. Wednesday, I started this scarf. Thursday, I attended the funeral. Friday, I finished and blocked this scarf, and Saturday, we attended my sweet niece’s first birthday party. Needless to say, life has been hectic.

McKenley Gene was born around 8:00am one year ago today, and our lives were forever changed. I love this sweet baby girl. She and her older brother, Mason, look just like my brother… I’m completely in love with them. Her first birthday celebration was “Tea Party” themed, so we had plenty of pink satin and girly decorations as well as a full house of love to share with her.

This scarf is adorable and didn’t take long at all. I found the pattern HERE. Mine was knit with Berroco Ultra Alpaca on size eight needles. It turned out thin and stretchable.. but since it’s alpaca, it will still be warm and soft.

Alpaca is definitely my favorite kind of fiber. In every weight, everything I’ve knit with alpaca has come out so beautiful. The only thing I don’t recommend alpaca for is toys, simply because most toys need something a little more rigid to add support for the shaping (such as a regular wool or cotton). I’m working on a bunny right now in a pima cotton/silk blend that should turn out GORGEOUS.. and the intended recipient (as you could probably guess) is featured in the photo.


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